Our mission:

To be a sisterhood of mutual encouragement and spiritual nourishment by

  • sharing our joys and challenges
  • affirming and empowering our gifts
  • legitimizing God’s Word and interaction in our lives
  • challenging each other to grow in our relationship with Jesus


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Updates--Reviews on the Past and Present

Ministry Celebration--May 10MinistryCelebration

Alma2aCelebrating God's call on our lives is always appropriate!  Open to the community, this meeting was hosted by Southeast Mennonite Women at Ashton Community Fellowship to celebrate the ordination of the first Southeast Mennonite Conference Women's Minister. The work of God's kingdom is accomplished by His people working together.  Networking to encourage, equip, teach and assist is what Southeast Mennonite Women is all about!

    MargeDoris2      LarryLeadingSinging2a  ExecutiveCommittee2




2014 Women's Retreat--April 4-6

BridgeWhat a wonderful weekend! The natural setting at Lakewood is so relaxing and has a way of pulling you into God's presence! 

   There were several unique events that happened as we shared our time together.   Ordination2

First, Doris Diener, SMC’s Minister of Mennonite Women, was ordained in the Friday evening service.  If we are correct, this is the first ordination across our denomination that comes at the request of Mennonite Women.  Hayride

Second, we had a lovely late-night hayride Saturday night!  TheHayride2 moon and the stars peeked through the trees as we crept along the paths, through the canopies of trees, and down by the lake.  It was beautiful! 

Thirdly, we all used translators--the little electronic devise thatSandraRuthieGloria you plug your earphone into to hear the speaker's words in your language!  The English-speakers used them to understand Raquel Guevarra’s messages in Spanish and the Spanish-speakers used them to understand the announcements and instructions that were given in English.  Alma does a super job of translating both languages!  She is a gift to us!

SilentAuction2A big thank-you to each woman who helped to make this a rewarding weekend! Raquel

If you missed this event, you may want to Communion2consider joining us nextCourtney spring!  We would be honored to have you participate in this event with us!!!Friends2 Prayertime2Porch 





Two Oasis Experiences in March

Fifty women from the Unity Pentecostal Church of God Mennonite in Miami gatheredJesusHuggingGirl for an Oasis Experience called "The Designer-Daughter" on Saturday, March 15.  Dafney made the plans, Pastor Ducois opened the morning's event, Keren let the worship, and our wonderful translator interpreted the message.  Everyone participated to make this a meaningful morning! 


 Saturday, March 1, a group of women met at Ashton holders, and what needs to happen within us to allow that to happen.  Jane Ann McLachlin OASIS MARCH 1 2014 ASHTONashared one of her stories from her book, Connections, which presented a portrait of the reality of our struggle.  At breaktime, these three women gifted us with their hospitality and delicious food.



December 7--Christmas Oasis  (An Oasis Experience is a mini retreat.)

The Christmas Oasis was hosted by Ashton Community Fellowship.The morning's input included three vignettes in which the role of Mary the mother of Jesus was played by Ruth Ovalle and Carol Zuelhke and Joseph was played by David Clark. What an interactive morning!

 WaitingforSignIna   AshtonLadiesa FoodatBreaka

RuthasMary2a  DavidasJosepha  doristalkinga   



November 2, 2013  Fall Inspiration Day

 Pine Creek Chapel, ArcadiaDSC00963a

The Pine Creek Chapel hostesses decorated the church and planned an active morning of fall inspiration, fun, variety, and sharing! Around 65 women participated. The chili lunch with trimmings included home-fried alligator tail and French fries. A BIG thanks to Marion Bedford and all the Pine Creek Chapel women (and some husbands too) who made this a unique, festive event!

      DSC00965a      DSC00971a      DSC00977a

       DSC00980a      DSC00983a      DSC00985a 

                                                         DSC00987a       DSC00988a


October 4-5  Southeast Mennonite Conference Annual Assembly

Iglesia Arca de Salvacion, Ft. Myers

 DSC00866a      DSC00868      DSC00869

               DSC00871      DSC00885      DSC00873


 September 7--Oasis Experience

      Location:  Emmanual Mennonite Church, Gainesville, FL

      Time:  Saturday, September 7--12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


     Gainesville4aa     Gainesville5a


June 15  Oasis Experience in Kenyatentchurch

Sunday afternoon, June 15, at least forty Kenyan women gathered in the DOVE Christian Fellowship church tent in Kalangwari, Nairobi, Kenya, to have an Oasis Experience entitled "Unwrapping God's Gift of Love" with SMW Minister Doris Diener.    

TeatimeaFollowing the worship service, the women had lunch in an open building up on the hill before reassembling in the sanctuary to be encouraged by God's proclamation of His love for them.

The afternoon included times of input and clustered conversations where the women shared and prayed for each other. They enjoyed interacting during their teatime as well.

The women at Ashton Christian Fellowship made beautiful cards to bless the Kenyan women. They received them with joy as they were very moved by this gesture of kindness. The women of DOVE Christian Fellowship send their love and greetings to the Southeast Mennonite Women for the encouragement and growth extended across the ocean and across the continent of Africa to them.

                        ClusterConversation    ClusterConversations4a



Oasis Experience: Gems of Brokenness

   at Ashton Community Fellowship, May 18

ConversationCluster   JudiGranddaughters  Snacktime


Bay Shore's Mother's Day Banquet, May 11

A well-planned beautiful tribute to mothers and daughters!

Plannersa MothersDayBanqueta MothersDaughtersa  GrandmaGranddaughtera



Women's Retreat--April 12-14, 2013GroupListeninga

Theme:              Let Go and Let God!

Main Speaker:  Sister Hattie Crawford

Location:           Lakewood Retreat Center, Brooksville, FL

DebbieKathiea     Friday Night Opener--Freedom Quilt Presentation

      Presenters:  Kathie Shawger and Debbie Lee                             

Kathie read the story, The Patchwork Path by Bettye Shroud, and demonstrated the freedom quilts that she has made.  Debbie Lee shared how the Mennonites facilitated slaves on their way to freedom in the latter 1800's as well as the denomination's stand on modern day slavery. 


     Saturday and Sunday Morning Worship--Let Go and Let GodHattieOziea

 Sister Hattie Crawford heralded the challenge to “Let Go and Let God!” as she warmly and passionately shared on releasing our worries, anxieties, problems, baggage to God and the mandatory role of forgiveness.


Saturday afternoon was filled with a variety of activities including a silent auction, book exchange, hiking, swimming, etc.   In the evening, Doris Diener challenged the women to be "treasures in the rubble"--valuable overcomers--in a world of trouble where God is working to craft good from the disappointments of our lives.  After all, Jesus has overcome the world, and He lives in us!

EyeOpenerSnacka  LizinBuggy  PrayingforEachOthera


CoolWomena   MotherDaughtera  HomesteadSisters2a


EthelandFriendsa    OzzieVelmaMJa    Communiona           


GroupListeninga ListeningEarsa Gladysa


FingernailsandFellowshipa BVMC2b ConversationCluster3a           

Newtown Gospel Chapel in the News!


          Sister Ethel Mays was installed as Pastor of Newtown Gospel Chapel on Sunday, February 17, 2013. Marco Guete, Conference Minister, gave the Sunday message.  He together with Lee Miller, District Minister, officiated the installation ceremony.  Words of encouragement were bestowed upon the congregation by Doris Diener, Minister of Women and Larry Diener, Conference Moderator.


          Newtown also bid farewell to long-time member, Essie Kates, who is moving to Minnesota later this week to be with family. NGC Members enjoyed a farewell fellowship meal with Essie after Sunday morning service. May God’s hand of guidance rest upon both Pastor Mays and Sister Kates as they both explore new territories.13FebEssieFarewell


                                                                                                                          Pastor Mays, Carol Clark, Essie Kates                  

Submitted by Carol Clark







Lydia DeJesus Licensed, Novmeber 17, 7:00 PMLydiaCeremony4a

Lydia De Jesus was licensed as the pastor of Iglesia Luz y Verdad in Lakeland, Florida, Saturday evening, November 17.  She is credentialed by Southeast Mennnonite Conference.  Members of the congregation and friends from the local community as well as Iglesia Evangelica Menonita Nueva Vida and Bahia Vista Mennonite Church participted in this celebration of God's call on Sister Lydia.  May God give her wisdom and strength as she pursues God's presence and annointing on her ministry!



Dawn Yoder Graber steped aside as moderator of Southeast Mennonite Conference at the conclusion of SMC Annual Assembly, October 6. She has graciously served the conference the last four years with competence, intentionality, and warmth. Thank you so much, Dawn!



Women's Luncheon at SMC Assembly--October 6

The Southeast Mennonite Conference Annual Assembly was Friday evening through Saturday, October 5 and 6, at Ashton Community Fellowship in Sarasota, FL.


Saturday noon, the women had a special luncheon. Lori Yoder, SMW President, hosted the event. Debbie Lee from South District shared about the gift of hospitality coming from the heart and expressing itself in our attitudes and motives, our words, and our faces. Handmade hospitality gifts were available for sale.

Lunch Lunch2 Lunch5

SRQTrio Lunch2 HomesteadTrio



Fall Inspiration Day--September 29

Date: Saturday morning, September 29, 2012

Time: 9:00 AM to after lunch

SisterJuanitabEvent Summary: Women's Prayer Tea--Gathering is a time of reacquainting with former friends and meeting new ones! Elizabeth lead a time ofSisterswithShawlsb worship. Juanita presented a teaching on intercessory prayer, encouraging all of us to be intercessors. Several women shared their testimonies of God's working presence in their lives. Then we prayed for each other, our country, and especially for womenJudiJeanb around the world who do not know the hope and confidence of God's love. We enjoyed lunch in the park across the street.

3WonderfulWomenbHosts: Sisters and brothers at Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer warmly welcomed us with kindness, fruits, breads, and coffee, and, at the conclusion of the morning, served us a delicious meal.

Translation: Thank you, Alma, for translating from Spanish to English (and sometimes from English to Spanish) so that everyone could understand.

WaitingforLunch2b WaitingforLunch3b 12FallInspirationDayb



Sister Care Extension #3: Compassionate Listening, Saturday, June 2

"Compassionate listening is spiritual work," write Heggen, Keener, and Guengerich in Sister Care: Equipping Women for Caring Ministry. Indeed it is! But it can open the door to healing.

Cluster2 Centerpiece CarolAlmaJiny

This session included information about different kinds of listening; different kinds of stories; confidentiality and its limits; the challenge of boundaries in compassionate listening; the difference between love and agreement; the need for caring listening before making judgment; the causes for discomfort on the part of the listener.





       Three women shared their struggles and healing journeys through the pain of barrenness, racism in the church, and sexual abuse. Following each presentation, the attendees assessed their listening skills and responses to the speaker. It was a moving, challenging morning.



Thank you for trusting me with your story.

I will hold it tenderly in my hands.

I will take it to Jesus for you

because I love you.





  2012 Women's Retreat, April 13-15

 What a profound experience to see women ministering to each other by sharing their life experiences; their understanding of what Jesus is saying to them; singing together; playing together; confessing and praying for each other.    

 ChapelHill2 AllofUs  Cluster     

Responses to the weekend included the comments below.  

"My first time attending. I love it. I enjoyed the balance of leisure, fellowship and spiritual retreat."

"Continue to have retreats.  I love the nails, massage, fellowship and sharing."

BertaBeatrizLizAlma   CarolynJane    Fingernails    CollegeHill2

 "This year's retreat has been a wonderful experience in worship sessions, fellowship and meeting new people.”

 "The book activity was awesome."

 "I love the manicures and photos."

 TracyandCo    KindredSpirits    Berea    BarbLiz        

 "It was so wonderful!  I enjoyed (the weekend) with all my heart and I am coming for sure next year.  God bless all of you."



Sister Care Extension #2  March 31


Taking care of ourselves and others begins with embracing the person we are and the abilities and gifts God has given us.


For many of us, our brokenness isn't easily fixed or our wounding quickly healed.  Sometimes we are left with life-time consequences.  Carol shared her story-in-process with us.


These extensions are interactive, inspirational and fun!  If you are interested in attending the next one, check out the "Future Events" page to find out the info you need.


TestimonyCarol      Halelu1     WhatDoYouThink1JPG  



2012 PREP--Mennonite Women USA Leadership Seminar,  February 24-25


   This event is a leadership enrichment opportunity for the leaders of Mennonite Women throughout the USA.  The acronym stands for "preparing, resourcing, encouraging, praising." 

   This year's PREP was hosted by Southeast Mennonite Women at the Bahia Vista Mennonite Church in Sarasota, FL.  The theme was "Gifts of the Sea."   Ruth Guengerich, Co-Executive Director of MW USA, was the principal input person and supported by Berni Kaufman, Executive Assistant of MW USA, Dawn Graber, Southeast Mennonite Conference Moderator, and Doris Diener, SMW Minister.  Women leaders, young and not-so-young, gathered from around the country.  The weekend concluded with an eco boat tour at Mote Marine Acquarium and dinner at Troyers Dutch Heritage Restaurant.

Dance4theLordRhodaLizP    AllofUs    Ruth  


JudiBeckyMarlene    BoatTourJudiLizDoris   



Sister Care Extension #1  Saturday, January 1

CarolBarbLaurenJessica2   DSC00593   LizJenLoriSandra 

About forty women gathered around the theme:  Claiming Our Identity as Christ's Beloved.

They shared times of learning, listening, sharing, ministering, and praying together.


"I'm looking forward to the remaining sessions!" 



Fall 2011

 SMC Annual Assembly, August 31 and September 1, 2011


The Mennonite Women luncheon at our SMC Annual Assembly at Ashton Community Fellowship was our first time together.  Besides being a part of the worship, sharing and updates with the other conference pastors and lay leaders, we were able to enjoy connecting with each other as sisters.



Fall Inspiration Day, September 10, 2011

The sisters of South District pulled off a delightful day of unity and peace.  We met for study and sharing in groups and rotated from one place to another--in the church and outside under the trees and in a tent.  We ate lunch together outside in the warm weather so familiar to Floridians.  Our lunch was provided by the women of the churches.  We were there!--Haitian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Garifuna-Americans, and European-Americans--sharing our stories and our faith with each other.

KerenTeachingResized        PrinPeacGirlsResized        DebbieKatyResized


                                                           NatalieYanickResized                     Lorri ReSz




Sister Care Seminar,  October 21 and 22, 2011

 Marissa1                 SheriReSz                 DawnReSz 


BackRubReSz               HomesteadReSz               TableTalk1ReSz

          Each of us has a story--a story of good times, bad times, painful times.  These stories need to be told, listened to, and be opened for healing, growth, and encouragment.  

          On October 21-22, 2011, fifty-one women of Southeast Mennonite churches gathered at Ashton Community Fellowship in Sarasota, Florida for two days to learn how to use the balm of Jesus' love to care for themselves and their sisters. The goal of the Sister Care Seminar was to equip women with effective caring skills because they are most often the preferred responder in a time of tragedy, loss, grief and pain.   

          It was a very meaningful time of laughter and tears, of learning and sharing.

          Look for the Sister Care Extensions on our "Future Events" page!